Mark van Koningsveld

Mark van Koningsveld currently holds the position of R&D and Innovation Manager at Van Oord, a Dutch family owned, international marine contractor. Since 2018, Van Koningsveld has been part-time professor of Ports and Waterways at Delft University. Mark has been active in the fields of environmental engineering and data science both with a strong focus on innovation. He was member of the Management team of EcoShape – a consortium that focuses on making hydraulic engineering more sustainable. In 2012 he received the Dutch Data Prize for his OpenEarth initiative, an open platform with data and knowledge management on water. In line with this he is also one of the initiators of DigiShape, an innovation platform that focuses on accelerating the digitization of the Dutch water sector. Mark is the scientific representative of the Topsector Water & Maritiem of the Dutch Diamond (government, research institutes, NGO’s and businesses).

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