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Ecosystem Navigation

Ecosystem Navigation implies a strategic approach towards making optimal use of what innovation ecosystems have to offer, based on the needs of the individual company. In today’s highly dynamic and ever-changing socio-economic climate, innovation requires engagement and interaction between people, stakeholders and ecosystems to flourish. The large number of ecosystems around the globe make it difficult for individual companies to determine which ecosystems to engage with and to interact in an effective and intelligent way. This requires well-defined company needs regarding the interactions with ecosystems and a thorough understanding of the value each system offers.

We support companies in:

  • mapping benefits from interacting with innovation ecosystems
  • benchmarking relevant ecosystems
  • designing an ecosystem engagement plan

“Empowering ecosystems: Build & Boost!”

Empowering Ecosystems

Ecosystem support organizations typically operate at the interface of interests of various stakeholders. Their contribution to the objectives to individual stakeholders is usually indirect. It is therefore of prime importance that the expectations regarding the return on investment in a support organization are managed properly.

Maximizing the potential that ecosystems offer, requires a systematic approach based on facts, a long-term shared vision, smart design principles and managerial agility. Moreover, a core characteristic of any successful ecosystem is its ability to smoothly respond to changes in the environment. The recent covid-crisis underlines the importance of agility in ecosystem support organisations.

We empower ecosystems by:

  • mapping present and future spearheads of regions
  • designing and implementing a support organisation strategy
  • benchmarking ecosystem support organisations and defining a boost program

Energy and dynamics

In the case of business parks, innovation districts and campuses a specific challenge relates to how to bring dynamics to these physical entities. In the design stage the element of interaction between various players is often overlooked resulting in physical property development lacking the energy and dynamics that the initiators had in mind.

We strengthen campuses and business parks by:

  • mapping present and future needs of its residents
  • benchmarking the physical and organisational requirements for a successful and dynamic ecosystem entity.
  • designing and implementing a support organisation strategy and long term sustainable business model

Example of how we work

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