75+ years of professional experience join forces in Ecosystem Navigators

Starting from the 1st of July, Søren Madsen, Roger van Hoesel and Chris Karman join forces in Ecosystem Navigators. Through this new partnership the co-founders make their knowledge and experience in navigating, building and boosting innovation ecosystems available for national and international organisations.

The founders of Ecosystem Navigators have spent a substantial part of their careers in building, managing and navigating alliances, clusters and innovation ecosystems: you get the best of real-life experience. With Ecosystem Navigators, they tap into their vast international network of top-notch experts in agri-food and other domains, ranging from innovation experts to economists, as well as in regions in all parts of the world.

“Ecosystem Navigation implies a strategic approach towards making optimal use of what innovation ecosystems have to offer, based on the needs of the individual company. In today’s highly dynamic and ever-changing socio-economic climate, innovation requires engagement and interaction between people, stakeholders and ecosystems to flourish” according to Roger. “We support companies in mapping their benefits from interacting with innovation ecosystems, benchmarking the relevant ecosystems and designing an ecosystem engagement plan”.

Chris mentions that “Ecosystem support organizations typically operate at the interface of interests of various stakeholders and their contribution to the objectives to individual stakeholders is rather indirect. It is therefore of prime importance that the expectations regarding the return on investment in a support organization are managed properly.”

Søren adds “In the case of business parks, innovation districts and campuses a specific challenge relates to how to bring dynamics to these physical nuclei. We assist in formulating the physical and organisational requirements of a successful dynamic physical ecosystem entity.”

If you want to know more about the Ecosystem Navigators, please visit the website or contact us directly!

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