Turn your m2 into m3!

What is the competitive advantage in your Food Valley, Agri-Food or Food Park – your m2 or your m3?

For many of the world´s clusters and Innovation Ecosystems there is no single address. But over the past years there has been a growing recognition of the complex relationship between clusters and Innovation Ecosystems and their physical surroundings. Foreign Direct Investment efforts can provide industrial sites, but over time the residents and the tenants ask for more. Also as symbols of organised collaboration physical sites can play an important role in attracting external resources and mobilising collective action.

In the agri-food and food business there is a growing interest in building and boosting Food Valleys, Agri-Food or Food Parks. Physical communities and campuses offering the best conditions for growth for the residents.

Can and can’t copy

Land, bricks and buildings are fairly easy to copy. And so is also free economical zones and incentives.  It´s a simple matter of investments and local regulations.

More difficult to copy is building a long term sustainable business model and a vibrant and dynamic environment where entrepreneurship and innovation flourish, the residents and tenants grow and attract new ones – the m3 concept.

We know you can´t copy great successes 100%, but you can be inspired by the best to find your own local winning strategy to Build or Boost your Food Valley, Agri-Food or Food Park and change the competitive advantages from m2 and a discussion about price to m3 and a unique offer of building innovation capacity.

And with a strong m3 concept you get better prices for your m2!

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